GSS Advisors is an accounting, tax and business advisory group with its outreach and practice on a global scale. GSS is US based public accounting firm with strong footprint in USA, Canada, and Asia.

When reality is less rewarding, our clients reach us to add value to what they stand for. Our strength lies in unlocking their financial potential. The GSS has more than five decades of combined experience in accounting, finance, tax and business advisory.

GSS is committed to providing an expert level business advisory services in a trusted and transparent manner on accounting and tax related issues. Our business services could be utilized as a one-stop shopping gateway to explore your financial goals.

Providing quality service for outstanding customer experience is our simple and single motto. Our key strengths include cross border transactions, transfer pricing, international taxation and global financial analysis.

Our collaboration with public accounting firms and CPAs across the globe uniquely enables us to provide expert solutions to country specific and cross border transactions. 

Trusted partner for your accounting , tax and finance needs


We are singularly focused in providing the unrivaled public accounting and advisory service to our customers. Our mission is guided by trust, loyalty and integrity. Our firm ceases to exist without any one of them.


GSS strives to be a “go to” place for accounting, tax and financial management consulting services. We are committed to provide agile work environment to meet the extraordinary situations of our clients with their current and future needs and help them achieve a long-term financial success.

Core Values

  • – Exceeding client expectations
  • – Highly ethical and professional services
  • – Collaborative work environment


Global leadership with personalized service is what makes us exclusive among public accounting firms. We are more than a company. We are diverse, devoted and dedicated to what we pledge. We follow principles and exceed the expected results with our insight and acumen in the financial discipline.

Excellent Service

Providing you the best services for your business.

Act Ethically

GSS will uphold the honor and dignity of the profession and act ethically.

Competent Professional Team

We believe in working hard, focusing on others, creating a sustainable and eco friendly future.

Customer Focused

Our partners and teams draw upon their wealth of knowledge & experience  to save you money and stay compliant

Integrity & Objectivity

We serve what we do with integrity, objectivity and competence.

On time Delivery

We provide high level of quality service on time.